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Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Consultation


My Ayurvedic Consultation is an individual detoxification treatment
plan based on your unique human design. I am able to then provide a customized approach based on your
Ayurvedic (body) dosha type. While the simplest activities of everyday life have the power to both
drain and help restore the lost balance, using a holistic health
consultation is the primary step on the journey to Ayurvedic wellness.
As a result, the advised herbs and healers will set off stirring your
system back into mint condition!


1. Initial discovery email chat to identify your Ayurvedic Mind-Body
Dosha buildup.
2. Telephonic chat/ Video chat to recommend: An Ayurvedic Meal Plan,
Self Massage practices, and advice on simple Ayurvedic concoctions.
3. Teaching Problems + Dosha-specific exercises including Yoga,
Breathwork, and Ayurvedic Rituals to correct this imbalance.

Types of Consultations:

Hair fall
Hair Growth
Skin Problems
Sleep Problems
Stress & Anxiety correction
Immunity Building
Improving Energy Levels
Bowel Problems
Appetite Improvement

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