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Kelly Reynolds
Kelly Reynolds
Tried these teas at the food festival in Leeds. They were amazing and now I can't wait for my order to arrive!
Obsessed with these herbal teas! Specifically the Digestive Healer brewed as a tea and the Herbal Eve brewed as a chai latte. To me, making a cup of tea is little piece of self care each day and having these has been such a treat compared to the usual Tetley. Have seen such a huge difference since drinking the Digestive Healer blend when it comes to my IBS too. Would definitely recommend!
Aleksandra Kostina
Aleksandra Kostina
Absolutely love the tea. Quality, taste and everything is so amazing. I can see an improvement in my skin, and health overall. Truly highly recommend ❤️
Liz Burns
Liz Burns
Beautifully & lovingly crafted small batch teas. The flavour & aromas of each brew awakens the senses, calms the mind and gives me a sense of overall wellbeing; which always leaves me looking forward to my next cup of tea. Great value for money too 😊 Ordering next batch very soon.
Kris Wilkinson
Kris Wilkinson
I bought some teas off you at wetherby food festival recently and thought you'd like to know the herbal eve has worked well for fighting a cold I've had and the de stress one that goes blue is working wonders for taking the edge off of general stress, definitely will be reordering when I'm out, excellent service and knowledge at the show as well which made me feel welcome, informed and pleased with my decision
Abi Bramwell
Abi Bramwell
I found these wonderful teas at the Harrogate food festival and how greatful I am that I did. A family run business run with love and passion which makes the product even better. I bought 3 boxes at the fair and 3 more the day after by contacting the company through Instagram. Unbelievable product I am addicted to how wonderful these teas have made me feel in just a day xxxxxx
I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with ThankfullyHealthyTeas, a brand that has truly captivated my senses and nourished my well-being. Their range of herbal teas has become an integral part of my daily routine, and I cannot recommend them enough for anyone seeking a harmonious balance of good skin, good sleep, improved digestion, and enhanced beauty. First and foremost, the quality of ThankfullyHealthyTeas is unparalleled. It's evident that the brand takes great pride in sourcing the finest herbal ingredients, carefully selecting each component to ensure optimum health benefits. Every sip of their teas exudes freshness and authenticity, leaving me with a renewed sense of vitality and wellness. The effects of ThankfullyHealthyTeas on my skin have been truly remarkable. With their skin-enhancing blend, I have noticed a visible improvement in the clarity and radiance of my complexion. The carefully curated ingredients, thoughtfully chosen for their skin-loving properties, work in perfect synergy to promote a healthy glow and diminish any signs of stress or fatigue. It's as if the teas are imbued with nature's secret for luminous skin. Additionally, I have found solace in the calming embrace of ThankfullyHealthyTeas' sleep-inducing varieties. Their soothing blends, infused with herbs known for their tranquilizing properties, have transformed my nightly routine. I now find it easier to unwind and drift into a restful sleep, waking up feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace the day ahead. It's a gentle and natural solution for those seeking deep relaxation and sweet dreams. When it comes to digestion, ThankfullyHealthyTeas has proven to be a true ally. Their expertly crafted digestive blends have provided me with relief from occasional discomfort, promoting a healthy gut and optimal digestive function. The meticulously selected herbs work harmoniously to ease bloating and support a smooth digestive process, allowing me to savor meals with enhanced comfort and enjoyment. Finally, I must commend ThankfullyHealthyTeas for their dedication to promoting beauty from within. Their holistic approach to beauty is reflected in the exquisite combination of herbs that nourish the body, helping to unleash your inner radiance. By incorporating their beauty-enhancing teas into my daily routine, I have witnessed the transformative power of natural ingredients, leading to a renewed sense of self-confidence and overall well-being. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse ThankfullyHealthyTeas for their commitment to providing a range of herbal teas that promote good skin, good sleep, improved digestion, and enhanced beauty. The impeccable quality, thoughtful selection of ingredients, and the remarkable benefits these teas offer make them a true standout in the realm of wellness. Embrace the wholesome goodness of ThankfullyHealthyTeas, and allow yourself to be transported into a world of well-being, one sip at a time.
Charlotte Murray
Charlotte Murray
I got my hands on a box of their "tea dreams" herbal tea and other than the fact it's such a beautiful colour, it tastes amazing. So soothing, and a great, healthy alternative to caffeinated hot drinks...plus no chance of being accidentally over brewing! 😅
Catarina Esteves
Catarina Esteves
Absolutely love Thankfully Healthy tea blends. Knowing their handmade and blended using Indian spices and Ayurveda principles only makes these teas more special. Highly recommend!

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