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I love everything about this tea, everything from the high, quality, pure ingredients to the beautiful aromas and gorgeous, environmentally friendly packaging.

Maria Honekar

Unbelievable product I am addicted to how wonderful these teas have made me feel in just a day. I bought 3 boxes at the fair and 3 more the day after by contacting the company through Instagram.

Abi Bramwell

My son had the BEST night’s sleep he has EVER had in 13 years. When asked to get in the shower tonight he instantly said ‘please have my blue tea ready it helps my brain.

Michelle Kemp


Sip With Purpose

TH teas’s unbeatable advantages and our intention

Powerful Plant Potions

Our teas are handcrafted into wonderful tea cures for everyday physical imbalances and lifestyle requirements from small batches of medicinal herbs.

Flavours To Support Your Gut Flora

The tea behind each flavour encourages and enhances the digestion and absorption of nutritions, which restores and supports the a healthy gut flora.

No Flavourings, Only Herbs

We hate the bad stuff which is why every-time you open a thankfully healthy tea box it smells like a spice box transported straight from India.

All Things Planet Friendly

We care about our planet, and we know you do too! Our packaging is made entirely from plants, not plastic – because goodness should never harm the environment.

Behind the scenes with the Founder

Thankfully Healthy Tea is about satisfying more than just a tea craving – it’s about embracing a holistic approach that supports gut health and immunity. I strongly believe in the power of self-care and that’s where Thankfully Healthy Tea comes in. 

It’s not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. A delightful way to prioritise yourself and savour that well-deserved “me time” in a comforting cup of tea, every single day.

Upcoming Markets

York Food Festival

22nd – 24th September

Location: Parliament Street and St. Sampsons Square


29th October

Location: Castle Courtyard of Ripley Castle

Christmas Special Winter Artisan Market

8th – 12th November

Location: Harewood House North Park

Frequently Asked Question

Ayurvedic teas are herbal blends based on traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, that help promote well-being and balance in the body.

Thankfully Healthy tea recipes are blended in house by a certified Ayurvedic Therapist and are made using special combination of seven ayurvedic herbs, Indian spices and unique flowers in each of our tea flavours.

Thankfully, Healthy teas are helpful with lifestyle imbalances that our customers deal with on a daily basis, including unhappy digestive issues, weakened immunity, stress, anxiety, seasonal allergies, weight loss, and skin issues.

All of our tea is packed locally in the UK in small batches using ingredients that are sourced from India, known as “the land of Ayurveda.” Some components are also hand-packed.

Sustainable, caffeine free, bitter free, no artificial flavorings, corn fibre tea bags, pre-sweetened naturally using herbs.

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