Blissful summer:
yoga and ayurveda healing workshop

As summer sets in, we invite you to embrace the wholesome goodness of the season with us.

With the heat at its peak, your body will welcome some cooling love from within. Our focus is on food, holistic rituals, and gentle yoga to cool your mind and body.

Ayurveda and yoga together create a natural path to mind and body wellness. We believe in nurturing beautiful rituals rather than just habits. This workshop is designed to provide a simple understanding of what yoga means and how to start practicing it physically and mentally in the comfort of your home.

Combined with Ayurveda, you’ll learn how to understand your unique body type, the influence of the seasons, and how to use food as medicine.

Workshop Outline

The workshop will be held in the warm, welcoming embrace of nature at Guneet’s private yoga studio. Set amidst her two beautiful garden spaces, surrounded by fields, countryside, natural stone walls, and lush green trees, it offers a serene and natural setting.

The yoga session will be held in one of the spacious outdoor gardens, offering an expansive view of the sky and fields. The rest of the sessions will unfold in her lovingly created yoga space, with cooking in the verdant outdoors, allowing participants to truly immerse themselves in the bliss of nature.



Meet Guneet, a vibrant soul who has called the UK home for 21 years since moving from India. Sharing her cozy home with her husband, two energetic kids, and a playful dog, Guneet works as a Data Analyst but found her true calling in Yoga during the lockdown.

Starting with online classes, she quickly experienced the mental clarity, physical flexibility, and peace that yoga brought. Her passion led her to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training program in late 2022. Despite facing challenges like low energy and immunity due to hormonal changes, she persevered with powerful breathing exercises and deep meditation, completing her training in 2023.

Now a certified Hatha yoga practitioner, Guneet runs Ujjayi Yoga from her home studio, offering sessions for people of all ages, from 10 to 95. She also leads chair yoga at a local care home and conducts sessions at her workplace for events like World Menopause Day and International Women’s Day.

Guneet’s mission is to share yoga’s transformative benefits, helping women balance hormones and incorporate Ayurvedic rituals into daily life. Join Guneet for a session or learn quick yoga tips to integrate into your busy schedule. She’s here to guide you on your wellness journey!


Dipti was born and raised in a traditional Indian family. She began her career in Public Relations and Marketing at 19 and moved to the UK at 23 after getting married. Struggling with low immunity and weak health inspired her to travel to Kerala, South India, for a couple of months to study Ayurveda and learn how to care for herself.

During her self-healing journey, she achieved true healing, becoming certified as an Ayurvedic beauty therapist and learning professional Ayurvedic cooking. Dipti experienced profound improvements in her mental and physical health, reversing her hormonal imbalances. This sparked her passion for natural healing, leading her to start blending Ayurvedic teas in 2021. Inspired by her personal journey, she launched her brand, Thankfully Healthy, sharing her Ayurvedic teas with the world.

She also hosts workshops on Ayurvedic food and tea blending at yoga studios like Harewood House and Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing, and offers one-on-one Ayurvedic therapy sessions.

Dipti believes in the principles of using herbs, food, and daily practices as medicine and loves sharing her knowledge through teas, workshops, and any opportunity to teach about Ayurveda.

Join Dipti for a workshop or an Ayurvedic therapy session and learn how to incorporate holistic wellness into your life. She’s here to guide you on your journey to health and balance.

Booking Starting Soon

Join us for a mindful, holistic experience that nurtures your body and soul.

This workshop is designed for individuals of all abilities, offering a beginner-friendly experience.

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