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My Story

My Story

Huddling up by the window with a hot beverage in hand, is undoubtedly the first thing a typical British rainy afternoon insists that you do; and that’s exactly what she did.

Meet Dipti, a 26 year old entrepreneur, who originally hails from India. Her life, as of that rainy afternoon, was the beginning of warming up to the English lifestyle, while bringing the love and learnings of India into her new home.

But of course, comfort in one’s surrounding, is sparked by discovering the comfort within! And on that note, Dipti decided to dedicate her primary focus to self-care. Based on her knowledge and training in Yoga and Ayurveda she began to experiment with her meals and daily habits – gradually sparking some age-old magic into her everyday life. A key secret of the latter, was in fact her homemade brews; Ayurveda inspired teas that help correct the lifestyle Doshas (vices).

With the unique blends of Saatvic herbs, brimming with Ayurveda’s single most important determinant of one’s health, Prana, the life force energy, she soon realised the remarkable potential that Ayurvedic Teas held in regards to taking care of the body.

..and as a result, Thankfully Healthy was born.

A warm way to share wellness, wisdom, and some wholesome positivity!

Thankfully Healthy humbly introduces an essence of the earth back into the core of your lifestyle. Our products are aimed at enhancing one’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Grounded in the values of Yoga and Ayurveda, and brewed with the expertise of a passionate practitioner, it gives us immense joy to launch our Herbal Teas in the UK and India.

Our team consists of an intimate group of people who not only share the same vision, but believe in allowing it to blossom beyond it’s roots.

With our range of Herbal Teas, we hope to bring you the warmth of a happy and healthy lifestyle, that promises to spark the comfort within, whatever the weather might bring!

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