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DIGESTIVE HEALER – Cumin, Marigold & Fennel


To soothe and aid digestion.

The food we eat every day maintains the body’s balance of energy. Taking care of our digestion can be the first step to overall wellness. Our Digestive Healer tea cools a burning belly and cleanses the body of toxins. It sets the body’s digestion right, so you can calmly go about your day.

Recommended brew :
Enjoy this tea after any meal. It can also be taken if you’re feeling bloated or going through a bout of indigestion.

Ingredients :
Unearthed on the rich soils of India, these seeds and spices serve a great purpose in healing gut and gastric problems. Cloves, cumin and carom are capable of tackling ulcers and effectively cooling down the stomach. Coriander, Ginger, Cloves, Fennel, Cumin, Carom, Star anise, Marigold, Stevia

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